Huawei Nova 3i Wireless Earphones Promotion

Which handset do I need to purchase to be eligible for this promotion?

To be eligible for the Huawei Wireless Earphones, you must purchase or sign a 24 contract for the Huawei Nova 3i (Australian variant) from a participating retailer.

When does this promotion begin and end?

The promotion will commence from 9:00AM (AEST) 1st December 2018 until 31st January 2019.

When do I need to submit my claim by?

All claims must be registered online between the 1st December 2018 and the last claims will be accepted on the 31st January 2019.

Who are the participating retailers?

Optus stores are the only participating retailers for the Huawei Nova 3i Wireless Earphones promotion.

Who can I contact about the status of my gift redemption?

The best way is to phone the fulfillment partner on the below phone number between 8.30am and 5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Phone: 1300 556 770

How can I contact Huawei directly about this promotion?

You can call the Huawei customer service hotline on 1300 482 934 from Monday to Sunday 9:00am to 9:00pm (AEST) for any inquiries about the promotion.

Can I claim more than one set of Huawei Wireless Earphones?

No, the offer is limited to one Huawei Wireless Earphones for each Huawei Nova 3i you have purchased during the promotional period.

I don’t have access to the internet is there another way I can enter?

Unfortunately, not, you will need to have access to the internet to make you claim. Claims can be made on your PC or via your mobile device. Please call us on 1300 556 770 if you have any trouble entering your claim.

I have not received a confirmation email after submitting my claim. Who can I contact?

There may be a slight delay in receiving your confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email within an hour, you may have entered an incorrect email address or the email may have landed in the Spam or Junk mail folder. Please check your Spam and Junk Mail folders and if you do not receive the confirmation within 24 hours, please contact us on 1300 556 770.

What do I do if my gift is not working properly or broken?

You will need to contact us on 1300 556 770

If you have any problems or questions related to this promotion, our promotional support team will be happy to help, please Contact us.